Brad and Maggie

        Sometime in 2003 Brad Jones met Maggie Long and remarked to his roommate that she was a fetching young woman, and it was too bad she had a boyfriend. After the meeting, Maggie remarked to her then boyfriend that if she were single and Brad was taller, that he might be in trouble. Time passed, the boyfriend moved to New York, and on February 1st, 2004 the Patriots played the Panthers in the Super-bowl. Maggie, with banana cream pie in tow, was one of the first to arrive at a party being hosted by Brad. Upon her arrival the two made eye contact. Ms. Long promptly dropped the pie she had spent the previous day making, and proceeded to blush. It was an auspicious beginning.

        Since then the two have had some ups and downs, some ons and offs, and have even suffered through national championships by both Southern Cal and Florida. But through it all the two have found a quiet trust in each other. A shared sense of one-ness that in times apart has redefined the word absence. And so it is with delectation that they announce their engagement, and (guessing you didn't just stumble upon this website by chance) ask you to join them as they pledge their undying devotion to each other and party accordingly.

~ Brad